Einaz Farahmand

Registered Acupuncturist

Einaz Farahmand

Einaz Farahmand has completed her extensive Doctor of Chinese Medicine at ICTMV. She is currently registered as an Acupuncturist with the CTCMA, and the Chinese Medicine Regulatory Body in BC. She has over 11 years of experience in Skin Care and Cosmetics. In addition to Acupuncture, she is also registered as a Cosmetic Acupuncture Rejuvenation Practitioner.

She has recently been Certified as an Acupoint Injection Practitioner by SAIT (The Society of Acupoint Injection Therapy). This type of therapy focuses on Trigger Point Injection, Mesotherapy and Myofascial Pain Management.

Einaz has personally seen significant benefits of acupuncture and similar treatments.  She has also experienced the power of Chinese Medicine herself. Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture is her true passion. Nothing makes her happier than aiding in the healing process of her patients through these treatments and play her part in the journey to a healthier well-being.

Over the years, Einaz has worked with a variety of patients – patients in Hospices, cancer patients, and those battling addiction. This allows her to deal with each patient appropriately, and provide them with the treatments they need.

Einaz chose her career because of her love for helping others. She believes that the benefits of Chinese Medicine are the key towards optimal health. This can be achieved by creating balance through addressing the body as a whole and focusing on the root source of any health concern or illness.

If you are looking for an experienced, passionate and well-versed Registered Acupuncturist Einaz is someone you can trust and connect with.